About Us


We are an award winning architectural practice based in West Sussex with a team of dedicated architects and a sister practice which handles commercial architectural design.

JWA was established by James Wells who has over 30 years’ experience working with private and developer clients from the initial design stage through to completion of the works on site.

Experienced in creating beautiful new homes, extending and remodelling existing properties and converting rural buildings for domestic use, we produce beautiful, award winning buildings at all levels of cost and for all types of location, whether it be in a town centre, Conservation Area or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The practice also has considerable experience in Town Planning, conservation of buildings and interior design.

Committed to considering the detailed requirements of all our clients, we seek to design buildings which complement and enhance their locations, paying particular attention to the immediate environment, landscape and history of the locality while carefully considering all opportunities of the site itself.

An integral part of this approach is our commitment to sustainability from design and detailing of the construction to the servicing of our buildings.

James has been living in Sussex for over 20 years and running an award winning independent practice since 1995. For the first 21 years he was based in London.


The team at James Wells Architects brings together many years of experience of design and construction for a large range of clients. Believing in the importance of architectural education, James is experienced in helping young architects train in practice and achieve their final qualification for RIBA Part 3. JWA helps the student architects at Portsmouth University where James regularly attends to review students’ work and share his experience of running a practice.

JWA team