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Planning Permission has been granted for a new countryside house.  The scheme gives approval for the demolition of a class Q barn to be replaced with a new barn style dwelling. James Wells Architects has created a new home for our clients’ stunning countryside site which is tucked away in West Sussex and just outside the South Downs National Park.

The barn being redeveloped sits adjacent to an ancient woodland copse, as such the planning department required the replacement dwelling to adopt an agricultural aesthetic.

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View from North West

The Design Concept

Our design has taken a cue from the traditional barn which results in a more open plan, contemporary living space. By increasing the ridge height by 0.5 meters we have managed to decrease the existing barn mass by 10%.  In addition, our scheme has incorporated a garage and store into the form which avoids the visual clutter of a separate garage. Roof lights were created, instead of dormers, further retaining the barn aesthetic.

The materials chosen for the new barn reflect the typical agricultural material palette seen in this part of Sussex.  Slate roofing and dark stained feather edge timber boarding are typically found in the locality.  The window and door openings are simplified to reduce an overly obvious domestic appearance.

James Wells comments, “Achieving consented planning permission for a new countryside house in the open country is a rare achievement.  We’re looking forward to seeing the new barn built with its uplifting volume and open plan living. The stunning un-spoilt views of open countryside to the West will be a treat.”

Because of the scale of the barn, our scheme cleverly incorporates a first floor.  This accommodation is within the roof space, therefore the building has more of a single storey, simple appearance.  The scheme has a full height west facing glazed end wall which will allow natural light to flood into the double height living room volume of the new home.

Class Q Barn

View from South West

If you’re considering redeveloping an existing barn or farm building, please talk to us about the potential of your project and we can help you consider the possibilities available within the planning regime.

If you’re interested in gaining planning permission for your New Country Home then do please use the form below to get in touch or call 01243 940020.