New House, West Sussex

New House, West Sussex

Project Description:

Our client commissioned this new build house to replace the original 1920s four bedroom detached property. The new scheme, completed in Summer 2020, occupies a similar footprint to the original; with the new house running to an area of 3,400 square feet with six bedrooms and a generous provision of bathrooms, dressing rooms and family living space.

Taking a cue from the formal landscaped garden setting and inspired by Palladio’s Villa Poiana the design adopts a half cube form with elevations varying in response to the orientation of the house and the views or functions impacting on that particular elevation. The East and West facing elevations feature Diocletian windows, a semi-circular window divided into three sections.

The South elevation is screened from the drive by lush planting; this primary living space is articulated by a generously glazed projecting bay that addresses the garden setting to the south with master bedroom and covered balcony above. The North elevation features a double-height stair window rigged ready for client’s spinning trapeze practice.  The window opens onto the original parterre garden, literally bringing the garden into the house.

The spectacular existing landscape feature of the rill with Lime tree avenues created the architectural focus for the axial design of the house on the East West axis, while the secondary North:South axis opens views out from the double-height stair well to the parterre garden beyond.

The house was built with a ground source heat pump which, along with good insulation will offer a more comfortable and efficient accommodation suitable for contemporary lifestyles into the next century.