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Guildford is where history meets modernity, James Wells Architects’ skill set is well-placed to respect traditional, historic buildings whilst incorporating the needs of contemporary living. With a wealth of experience and a portfolio that speaks volumes, this firm has become synonymous with carving beautiful, contemporary spaces from older homes

Why Hire an Architect in Guildford? 

The decision to hire an architect in Guildford is a pivotal step in ensuring the success of any local construction or renovation project. James Wells Architects brings a level of expertise and understanding of Guildford’s unique architectural fabric that is unparalleled. Their team is well-versed in the local design vernacular, ensuring that each project seamlessly integrates with the town’s aesthetic. 

Guildford, with its historic charm and diverse architectural styles, demands a nuanced approach. Professional architects understand the intricacies of working within this framework, ensuring that new structures complement the existing beauty of the town. With James Wells Architects clients can benefit from a blend of contemporary design and historical sensitivity, resulting in buildings that work harmoniously with the local environment. 

Listed Arts & Crafts refurbishment, rear elev

Building Styles in Guildford 

Guildford boasts a rich architectural heritage, with a tapestry of building styles that reflect its evolution through the centuries. From medieval structures to Georgian and Victorian gems, the town is a treasure trove for architectural variation. James Wells Architects embraces this diversity, drawing inspiration from Guildford’s eclectic mix of building styles. 

Whether it’s the distinctive red-brick Georgian houses, or the Tudor influences that peek through unexpected corners, architects in Guildford, particularly those at James Wells Architects, understand how to incorporate these features seamlessly. Their designs complement Guildford’s architectural legacy while incorporating modern elements, creating spaces that simultaneously resonate with the town’s character and clients’ vision. 

Guildford refurbishment and extension Elevation copy

Planning Permission in Guildford 

Navigating the intricacies of planning permission is a critical aspect of any architectural project. The architectural design process involves not only conceptualizing aesthetically pleasing structures but also adhering to local regulations, obtaining permits, and securing necessary approvals. James Wells Architects has a wealth of experience in all stages of a project, ensuring a smooth journey from concept to completion. 

Guildford, like many towns, has specific local regulations and requirements governing construction and renovation projects. Guildford Architects, such as those at James Wells Architects, are well-versed in these nuances. Their expertise in obtaining planning permission streamlines the process, saving clients time and effort while ensuring compliance with all relevant guidelines. 

New building to link listed house and barn

For this scheme James Wells Architects was commissioned to design a link to connect two listed buildings – the original cottage and a Grade 2 listed barn. Planning and listed building consent was successfully obtained for a scheme which proposes a new glazed gallery link joining the Grade 2 listed cottage to a Grade 2 listed barn nestled in the Surrey Hills.

The transparent simplicity of the contemporary link was a deliberate contrast to the historic patina of the two listed buildings. This architectural solution creates a new entrance for the combined development and allows more spacious living accommodation in the barn along with a guest bedroom on a new mezzanine floor. This means the historic cottage can now provide five bedrooms for family use.

Local Architects living in Guildford 

What sets James Wells Architects apart is the specialized expertise they bring to every project in Guildford. The team’s deep understanding of the town’s architectural nuances allows them to craft exceptional homes that resonate with both clients and the local community. From contemporary masterpieces to traditional dwellings, James has a wealth of versatility in his 30-year portfolio. 

Guildford is a town that values its architectural heritage, and James Wells Architect embraces this ethos. Their team of specialists ensures that each project is approached with a keen understanding of the client’s vision and the town’s unique character. Whether it’s a historic restoration or a modern build, these architects in Guildford have proven their ability to deliver excellence. 

The importance of hiring architects with an understanding and knowledge of Guildford, especially those with a connection to the local area, cannot be overstated.  

With a commitment to excellence and a passion for creating spaces that stand the test of time, James Wells Architects continues to shape Guildford’s future. 

We create well designed award winning buildings at all levels of cost and for all types of location, whether it be in a town centre, Conservation Area or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

New Build Barn West Sussex

New Build Barn, West Sussex

00 Penthouse Central London

Central London Penthouse

00 Listed House remodelling 1

Listed House in South Downs National Park

00 Pool House Spa

Pool House & Spa, West Sussex

00 Castle external front facade

Grade II Listed Castle Refurbishment

Listed Cottage Downland Village

Listed Cottage Downland Village

Why Choose James Wells Architects?

Our founder, James, grew up in Surrey and has a deep understanding of what makes a perfect home for families in the area. Influenced by his own childhood residence, a stunning Arts & Crafts house built in 1894, James appreciates the lasting impact good architecture can have.

James Wells Architects is a RIBA chartered practice that specialises in designing stunning homes that exude a rare ‘feel-good’ factor. As a trustworthy RIBA chartered practice, we have the qualifications and expertise to bring your vision to life. Our team of enthusiastic architects will collaborate with you closely throughout the entire process, making sure that your dream home represents your distinct personality and lifestyle.

While our main office is located in Chichester, we regularly work on historically significant houses in Surrey, Guildford, The Surrey Hills and further south in the South Downs National Park as well as West and East Sussex.

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