Planning Permission

Do I need planning permission?

Clients will often ask ‘do I need planning permission?’ The answer is dependent on a large range of factors. Is the building listed? Do your requirements comprise ‘development’ or change of use? The location of your property – is it in a National Park or Site of Special Scientific Interest? Are there any planning restrictions in your area? Applying for planning consent is a complicated process and one which at its quickest can take eight weeks, but normally is significantly longer.

With some of our projects we are only employed to achieve planning permission, this may be if a client is hoping to sell their house or site. Planning Permission will significantly increase the sales value of a property.

The depth of research is extensive

As an RIBA Chartered Practice we do much more than simply ‘knock out drawings’.

When we are approached by a new client there is significant background research and analysis is carried out for the project. On appointment we will consider the site:

  • What is the planning history?
  • What is the village plan for the area?
  • What is the local plan of the relevant local authority
  • What are the current national policies in relation to the site?
  • Have there been recent relevant appeals which can provide a basis for developing policy?

Additionally, we will look at permitted development rights.  Finally, we will need to ascertain if there are any restrictions on the site.  Once all this research is undertaken we then move on to consider the client’s requirements and what they are hoping to achieve with their budget.

Artist Impression of Link Extension to Listed Building

Ancillary reports and surveys

In addition to the above research there are now quite onerous reports which also need to be commissioned to support a planning application. These could include a Landscape Impact Assessment, Ecological surveys (bats, newts etc.), Heritage Impact Assessment, Transport Report, Dark Skies Lighting Assessment. Where necessary we work alongside specialist consultants to commission the reports required at the correct time. Clients are often baffled at the amount of work which needs to be commissioned to simply seek approval to build an extension onto their listed house.

James has completed 60 homes over 20 years, including conversions, extensions, refurbishment and new builds in both urban and rural settings. The planning process has become more complicated over this time.

If you are considering building work on your home or looking to buy a property with a view to carrying out improvements and undertaking building work it is worth talking to an architect before you go ahead with your purchase to avoid disappointment.


Planning permission granted for new build house in SDNP

14th May 2024
James Wells Architects has been granted planning permission for the extensive transformation of a Victorian cottage situated in Guildford.

Planning Permission Granted For Guildford Cottage Transformation

16th February 2024
James Wells Architects has been granted planning permission for the extensive transformation of a Victorian cottage situated in Guildford.

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