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Planning permission has been granted for replacing the existing rear garden extension and garage with a new single storey extension in Barnham.  The scheme also incorporates a more workable side extension utilising the existing curtilage more effectively.

The purpose of this project is to provide accessible living, bedroom and bathroom space for the applicant’s daughter who is wheelchair bound with restricted mobility.  In addition the applicant wishes to provide accommodation for a potential live in carer who can help out in the house from time to time.  Care will possibly be required more as the parents grow older when they may be less able to support their daughter’s needs on a day to day basis.

A long term Sustainable Solution

The drive of the project is to find a long term sustainable solution to the related needs of the family on a 20 year or longer-term view.

The ground floor plan arrangement has been optimized to create good quality, light and airy living space which can be enjoyed by all members of the family together at the same time, as well as leading out into the garden via flush threshold doorways.

The external implications of this extension have been to push forward the front veranda, although the increased footprint still sits behind the established building line. A substantial front garden remains and the form of the existing building is echoed in the design of the proposed front elevation, while the awkward existing corner between the front veranda and the existing monopitch garage is unified into a continuous profile sweeping around the ground floor of the house and down the side return.  The shallow roof pitch is finished in standing seam patinated zinc sheeting, a good quality finish which will weather well and complement the overall form of the building over time.

The ground floor to the rear is finished in a flat roofed form with glazed rooflights and a beach pebble finish on the roof which creates an attractive appearance.  Views from the upper floors of the house itself or glancing views from upper level windows in adjoining properties have been carefully considered.

The first floor is left largely as currently arranged, providing comfortable bedroom and bathroom accommodation for the parents and their guests.  The second-floor loft conversion is to be retained as further bedroom accommodation and a home office.

Planning permission for wheelchair accessible home barnham

Mature Garden Landscaping

The existing mature landscaped garden will be carefully protected and enhanced with new planting to create a calm green oasis.  It will be created for the enjoyment of the family all year round.

James Wells comments

“This scheme is a great opportunity to deliver a carefully remodelled home and garden that will allow the family to enjoy their lives together for many years to come.”

Work will commence on site in February with the building being undertaken by local contractor Love Building Limited.

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