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Interior design is what makes your home, a home!

While the main drive of an architectural scheme often focuses on the key issues of planning consent, building control issues, and the ‘bricks and mortar’ construction, the tone and quality of your interior design is arguably just as important! After all you will almost certainly be spending a lot more time inside your property than looking at the outside.

It might be all very well getting planning consent for an 800 sq ft extension but if this ends up as a large dull box with poor proportions it might just be a waste of money.

Interior design in the home chichester architects
Interior Design Makes your homeInterior Design Architect Project

What Issues Need to Be Considered in the Architectural Scheme to Make the Most of the Interior?

Good light and views are essential, of course, and while much consideration should be given to the design of the elevation from outside the proportions from the inside are just as important; things like establishing the right cill and head levels, checking that transoms in windows do not obscure the eyeline to mention a few.

Which Colours To Choose?

While it may be for the best to simply choose a standard colour scheme such as gardenia emulsion throughout, there are often neutral colours which may be more sympathetic to the location or exposure of your home.  If the light is predominantly overcast or from a north facing elevation you may want to ‘warm up’ the natural light effect by choosing a warmer neutral colour.  If the exposure will attract a lot of bright sunlight you may choose to tone down the colour to reduce glare.

Our Highgate Refurbishment Project

The photographs here show a project we undertook in Highgate, North London.  This was a complete refurbishment of a classic, but sadly dilapidated, 1960s Modernist house brought up to date with the latest heating, lighting storage solutions and new furniture to work in the space.

Highgate project

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Talk to us about your ambitions for your interior scheme – you may be able to achieve more than you had first thought to make your space feel more homely and snug, refreshingly new or to give it a more contemporary feel.

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